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Kelli launched her first online class on March 5th, 2018 with great success.  More than 100 students signed up in the first 10 days!  She has since release 8 additional courses and a large majority of her students have signed up for each additional class as they are introduced. Kelli continues to develop new classes and all of them are offered as "self-paced" on-demand and come with lifetime* access.

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For more information click here

This vision board course is like no other! We will dig in deep with my outline of questions & mindful coaching.  As in all of my artwork, there will be many layers (this is NOT a "clipping words and pictures from magazines" course.  We will create backgrounds that speak to our answers & clearly define our wildest wishes and dreams. Step by step, section by section we will create our 2019 vision board, or journal if you wish. Manifesting your goals! Join Now!

Fancy joining me and 25 other teachers on a full year online class?  I'm thrilled to tell you I am a teacher on Wanderlust 2019, an online mixed media and art journaling class.  Wanderlust is in it's fourth year, and offers weekly, full length classes which are both high quality and original, aimed at beginners to the more experienced.  A full-length, high quality lesson every week - each streamable, with life-long access* - but also fully downloadable. So if this sounds tempting, click here for more information and watch the introductory video!

To enroll in this class - click   here  !

To enroll in this class - click here!

This class is very special to me as I have been creating, stitching and loving Spirit Warrior "soft sculptures" for well over twenty years.  We are going to be exploring our soul levels of love while stitching. I have many techniques that I look forward to sharing with you. The beauty of this class is that things you have collected for years can be used. I will help you to start noticing your own gorgeous goods just wanting to be stitched into your Spirit Warrior. So much joy, mindful love will be found here. Thank you for being here. xo